Creating our products we cared about the highest quality and reliability of the construction. From our long-standing experience in the production of bus stops we know, how vulnerable to weather conditions they are, so we do everything to make them as durable as possible.

For the sake of the safety of the travelers, we use only attested materials. The constructions is CE certified, and each of its elements - steel profiles, glass and prefabricated foundation – undergoes series of technical durability tests.

The green bus stops have innovative design, and are tailored to stand the weight of green roof and stormwater drainage.

Construction it is made of welded and galvanized steel profiles, from special structural steel alloys.

Details are made by laser cutting and firing, using computer control systems, allowing for 100% repeatability of all components.

Corrosion protection: The construction is galvanized, and the thickness of the coating complies with the DIN 1461 norm.

Paint Coating: understanding the harsh weather conditions which our green bus stops must face (rain, snow, road salt, frost, wind) we offer powder coating of construction as a standard procedure. This method ensures the highest quality and durability of the coating.

Construction of the walls: The walls are covered with tempered glass, with a thickness of 6 mm, which is the optimal to assure required glass strength, weight and price. The glass has with EC approvals.

Foundation: The green bus stops are fixed on concrete pre-fabricated foundations, which allows for quick assembling of the construction in any location.

Accessories: We offer the following additional elements:

  • Advertising display, with or without illumination,
  • Timetable or frame for timetable,
  • Plate with location or bus stop name,
  • Litter bins,
  • Benches (laminated, softwood/hardwood/exotic wood, perforated sheet),
  • The bus stop road sign.

The product is protected by industrial property rights



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