Green Bus Stops provide comprehensive services related to consultancy, design, production, assembly and service of green rainwater retention shelters in the field of:

  • Production of Green Bus Stops - green bus, tram and bicycle shelters with reinforced construct adapted to hold of the green roof, in accordance with applicable construction standards
  • Individual projects - the possibility of adapting the model chosen by the customer to the installation of green elements or to design and manufacture a completely new product for the needs of a special order
  • Individual rainwater retention projects - possibility of individual design of rainwater retention systems related to the Green Bus Stops (conceptual and technical project, inter-branch arrangements, obtaining necessary permits)
  • Individual plants projects - the possibility of individually selecting plants for the roof and walls of the Green Bus Stops
  • Transportation of the product to the place of installation
  • Installation of construct, elements of water retention and vegetation in the place indicated by the Investor by specialized assembly teams
  • After-sale service - warranty and post-warranty service


Telephone contact:

Warsaw Office:
+48 784 612 567

BiaƂystok Office:
+48 857 333 670

Zabrze Office:
+48 504 788 098
+48 32/271 66 78


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