Green roofs and walls

Our product makes the public space of the city more attractive and friendly, by introducing new green areas into the concrete jungle and retaining stormwater. This lowers temperatures in the city, mitigates Urban Heat Island, purifies the air and supports biodiversity. It makes the city to be better adapted to climate change.

Vegetation: Depending on the model, green bus stop provides extra green area of as much as 10 m2 on the roof, and 12 m2 on the walls. We use only native species of plants, which are best adapted to local conditions and resilient to urban climate. Out bus stop provides habitats for insects, and is more friendly to birds, limiting their collisions with the glass, comparing to traditional bus stops.

Green roof: The green roofs are manufactured from materials with technical approvals and specifications to ensure the safety of their use. The roofs are covered with mat plants resistant to harsh urban climate, such as high temperatures and city drought. The drainage layers under the vegetation allow effective stormwater retention and long-term functioning of the roof vegetation.

Green walls: The walls of the green bus stop can be covered with evergreen or colorfully blooming climbers, according to the individual design. The plants grow in a special retention-infiltration box, effectively watering the plants. Most of the year the plants do not need to be watered, because the green bus stop will collect the water necessary to maintain their growth.

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