We know, that our innovative product must serve several functions in the city space. Therefore, aside of being the road infrastructure element and providing additional green area, it also captures stormwater. This way it prevents local flooding, decrease overloads of stormwater sewage systems, and mitigates urban heat island.

Stormwater retention is possible thanks to an integral system of combined elements retaining, evaporating and infiltrating stormwater. In the concept design we used our long-standing experience in research, development and implementation of sustainable stormwater management, gained in Poland, Denmark and in several international projects. The construction has innovative design, which allows stormwater transfer through the integral system of combined elements, and for the water optimal use by vegetation.

Roof Drainage: The construction of the green roof allows to retain up to 250 liters of stormwater during one rain event. Annually, this is even 90% of the water falling on the roof. In the case of intense rains, the excess of stormwater is drained with patented internal vents, into a vegetated retention-infiltration box.

Vegetated retention-Infiltration Box: The box receives excess of stormwater from the green roof and (optionally) the sealed space adjacent to the green bus stop. To prevent long-term stagnation of stormwater and assure optimal conditions for the planted vegetation, the box is equipped with optimized vegetation-growing drainage layers. They maintain optimal soil moisture and the excess of water is infiltrated to the ground, directed to other retention elements of the construction, or to the sewers.

Retention of stormwater from the adjacent sealed surfaces: The green bus stops can collect stormwater from the surrounding sealed surfaces. Designing the shape of these surfaces, we can make the maximum use of the green bus stop retention capacity to prevent local flooding.

Watering city greens: Excess of the stormwater from the green bus stop can be directed to infiltration systems in the surrounding green areas or trees, increasing the availability of water for the existing/projected urban vegetation. It reduces maintenance and irrigation costs and improves green areas growth.

Emergency outflow: For the sake of the safety, green bus stops can be equipped with emergency outflow, directing excess of stormwater to the sewer system.

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